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At Home Juana de Aza, young mothers and their children transcend past traumas and embrace bright futures.

The girls range from 13 to 18 years old. Each was violated at a very young age – and fell pregnant with a child while still a child herself. These girls and their children have been taken in by the Sisters of the Santa Rosa de Lima Congregation. Today, with the help of the Sisters, the girls are rebuilding their lives and forging new futures for themselves and their children.

Slowly but surely, the children are growing. They run, skip, bawl, get into mischief, and love their mothers unconditionally. With the youngest at 8 months and the oldest at 3 years of age, the little home is lively at any given moment. Tutors and volunteers work together helping the girls with their personal and professional development.


High Andes is helping these girls learn to knit clothes for their children and to sell.  It has been wonderful to see the difference between the first stitch and the end product. 


Now that schools have reopened, High Andes is starting to help educate the girls with small marketable skills.   


  •  Rosy wants to be a assistant chef.   This is a year course and upon completing she can work in local restaurants.  Eventually she wants to work in a hotel restaurant where people tip.  

  •  Maria wants to be a taxi driver.  She would be proud to be one of the very few female taxi drivers.

  •  Sofia wants to be an assistant pharmacist.   She wants to help people.   


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