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We have a small street shelter on the hillside of Cusco, Peru with 25 young children. The children at this shelter come from extremely difficult circumstances.This shelter is a private 100% volunteer Christian shelter taken care of  by Eduardo and his wife.  The children come to the shelter  to learn bible stories, pray, sing, play games and fill their tummys with a big healthy meal.  When there is violence or neglect in the home, children can come here and feel safe.     Often times, children are taken in temporarily until there can be further assistance.   

This little family was found wandering the streets.   Because of extreme violence in the home, this young boy had left with his siblings and was trying to find them food and shelter.   Because of the trauma he had witnessed he couldn’t talk and could only sit and massage his little brother.  Picchu Alto took this family in until they could find them a permanent home.   

homeless family at Piccu Alto


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