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Peruvian Boys

Our Most Current Project


Lets celebrate Christmas this year with a cup of hot chocolate and a small toy. The poor Quechan children love Christmas like all children do, but they have never had a gift of their own. This Christmas we are taking Hot Chocolate and a small toy to 500 of the poorest Quechan children.  Lets make some happy smiles.


When the young girls from Home Juana de Aza turn 18 they leave with their baby. We are striving to get each girl an education so they can care for themselves and their child. 

  •  Rosy wants to be an assistant chef. This is a year course and upon completing she can work in local restaurants. Eventually she wants to work in a hotel restaurant where people tip.  

  •  Maria wants to be a taxi driver. She would be proud to be one of the very few female taxi drivers.

  •  Sofia wants to be an assistant pharmacist and help others.   


We can  make a difference in the lives of these children and girls.

young perunvian girl
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