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We aim to break the cycle of poverty by educating exploited, destitute and marginalized youth and women through education, teaching marketable life skills and by providing the necessities of life.   


Marginalized children have little primary education due to poverty, hunger, child labour and often abuse. We believe as people are educated they become confident, self reliant and financially independent. Life skills are the abilities for positive behaviour that enables people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. We believe as individuals learn life skills they can become productive members of their community. 


The organization Southern Alberta Society for High Andes Relief (Sharperu) is a Canadian registered charity (807954623 RR0001) that raises funds to support and educate children and poor in Peru. We have numerous completed and ongoing projects in the Cuzco, Peru province that helps those we support to become  self-reliant and confident members of society. Our information can be verified on CRA's list of charities here. 


With your financial donation we can support these projects and change futures. ​


Sharlene Graves, President

I came on board in 2012. I wanted to find a pure organization where the people are just trying to help through education. In 2014  I was voted in as president. I've had an opportunity to visit a couple projects when I went to Peru a few years ago and I can tell you, we are changing lives!


Sherri Wendorff, Vice President​

15 years ago  I took my children to Peru to visit the Amazon and see some of the Peruvian Culture.  We happened upon a small children’s shelter and we took them some food and then asked them what we could do for them.  They said they wanted a little chocolate so the children could try a little chocolate at Christmas.  We decided we could do more than a little chocolate at Christmas so back in Canada, Southern Alberta Society for High Andes Relief was organized .   Since then we have had donations to complete hundreds of educational projects in Cusco


Rossio Amparo Echarri Melendez

I live with my family in Peru and for 30 years we have been doing social work helping the poor. For 15 years I have been working together with High Andes Society in Canada.   God shows me the way and I am happy helping people.  



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